I Like The Ladies

Breezy 2016

Yo (I like the ladies) hu (you love the ladies)
sheah (I lick the ladies look at the ladies) where
they at

1st Verse
Another late night every week day had a hard
days night with your lady going down I'm yelling
mayday girl's into foreplay a lot of horseplay so I'm throwing her up & down like this was a damn ballet
hey girl I don't remember your name what is it
Angela Tammy Sammy Pamela I blame it on the
marijuana ladies from the hookah bar all the way
to the reservoir know that I got dope inside my car
like I'm Buffalo Bill I'm an impeccable poon
cannibal attacking that vaginal like I'm an animal
lady collectable baby I'm radical I like the ladies
in the sun dresses everything I express is about
my zucchini women want to meet my weenie
want to rub me like a genie love me like fettuccine
I like 'em better in a bikini an all we do is parlay
daily I like the ladies that play tricky say hey to
Mr. Thick-ay

I like the ladies that get high everyday I like the
ladies that always come my way sex on a Wednesday with your lady now that's what I call a mother fucking "Hump Day" (I LIKE THE LADIES) 2X

2nd Verse
I like the ladies without the hair down there keeping
bare everywhere around the kitten smilin' every
time I'm hittin' that want to be licked not bitten an
I make 'em all smitten man I even like 'em better
when I see 'em both kissin' talkin' about tryin' a new position so I listen then stick in put the key in ignition
like a vagina physician until they get off I hit hard
don't hit soft an I'll make it a mission to lick her lips
right off I 'em like a gynecologist I tell the ugly
ones no & then they all get pissed I'm an ass
man & I'm really addicted they're telling me I
need to call an ambulance for what my dick did
they all arouse me like Ronda Rowsey my baby
batter splatters right inside of their mouths looking
like they got rabies pussy too tight girl go & have
some babies I thought that I'd get lucky from this
chick from the Haiti's tried to get her in my bed
but she turned around & said sorry buddy but
(I like the ladies)