Losing My Mind

Breezy 2016

Losing my mind & I'm choosing my 9
this time would it be fine or should I
try to decline smoke & unwind & not
commit a crime (2X)

1st Verse
Ever since Denver lit I can not remember
shit but I know that our government is
ignorant & I want to put 'em all to
shame everybody sayin' Breeze blows
trees & he's got game here to ease the
pain he's the mane utterly insane off of
the chain & you're not popular I'm driven
you're a passenger I'm passin' your streets
rocking nothing but my white socks
I ran a couple blocks until they heard
my glock's tragic rat-tat-tat-tat-tat hear
that semi-automatic aw man they better
prepare Huey said "it's hip to be square"
better beware I am the nightmare next
door pulling out my 9 & I might scare
a few more like Pennywise The Clown
I make 'em all flow down underground
& always drug abusin' an I'll never stop
usin' whatever is perfect I feel like the
opposite I'm not apart of the problem
I'm the entire part of it feeling down like
a midget so chill out with all the bullshit
before I lose it


2nd Verse
These people never quit I feel like I'm
losing it I'm twitchin' hearin' the bitchin'
see my trigger finger itchin' fixin' up a
new game plan fuckin' up ya whole
program wreckin' ya crew because I
can OH YEAH I'm breakin' through like
"The Koolaid Man" with a weapon in my
waistband I am the Black Sheep the
white african I'm the man road dog villain
worse than Sa-tan I'm like a night owl
every night I am on the prowl growlin'
at the full moon my 9 & I will meet you
really soon my mask of insanity is slippin'
mind racin' like I'm acid trippin' I shot
the white cops "CAN YOU DIG IT" chill
out with all that bullshit or I will lose it