Breakout The Weed

Breezy 2016

1st Verse
I'm not high yo I get stoned before & during
shows I kick raps for my stoner bros smoking
with girls like Amber Rose looking like a bull
blowing smoke out of their nose an everybody
knows that I'm so outlandish making all these
blunts just vanish with a fat stash smoking that
hash at the party bash around too many pretty
girls that I'd like to smash an I will flash a joint &
they will come with me I'm kooky hyphy feeling
like a hippy making so many beats because I'm
crazy eyes glazy I'm a trail blazer blazin' & then
I'm going to spark a jay what more can I say I'm
like a white Dr. Dre mixed with Bone Thugs Teccanina
& Mayday an I got to stay high & everyday I do everybody in my crew is a pothead too smoking
that green that I grew chiefing like Underrated
rolling like 1 Ton faded trying to stay hella elevated
an we don't need any GHB all we need is THC
come & levitate with me we hotbox daily cough
like we're 80 got cannabis & coffee trying to take
myself to a higher state so I got to take another
big bong hit an elevate

(1 Ton)
Breakout the weed & roll one up
Breakout the weed & lite a blunt
Breakout the weed & spark it up
Breakout the weed Breakout the weed (2X)

2nd Verse
I just smoked so much right now I'm feeling high
as Hell all I to eat is Burger King & Taco Bell all by
myself but I just rolled up 25 jays (holy shit) I know
ya heard man these Humboldt boys be gettin'
blazed so I'm high & hungry (uh hu) I need to call
a slut make her take me to the drive-through &
pay for us that would be the best now hmmm who
can I convince I texted 5 girls quick feeling like
one of those pimps (yeah) waiting for a text back I lit another jay with no delay this girl was at my door
an she was like "hey I brought you everything even brought your favorite Gatorade (ok) she let me
penetrate then I sent her on her way (later) I'm
so cold (haha) yeah I'm so mean my weed will
knock ya head off clean like a guillotine smoke
with me & we can both float through the sky
(wee) leave your troubles all behind
let's all just get high


3rd Verse
Let me proceed to breakout the weed because
I need to elevate get my head straight so I just
rolled up 8 jays everyone knows that it's not a
phase that Rude Boy loves to blaze I'll wake &
bake eat space cake an take another smoke break without a mistake I'll make an amazing cigar get my mason jar smoking Deathstar flying far as Hell just
call me Captain Black Lungs I'll exhale & blow minds close all the windows & all the blinds then I jack off to High Times with drug crimes like Robert Downey Jr.'s
they say that "the weed cures" I'm looking like
James Franco at the Oscars I'm a hippy cops
think I'm an oddity just smoke with me & we
can both forget about reality

(1 Ton)