Breezy 2017

(1st Verse)
Smoking a ton of weed right before I do my
verse I want to put you in a hearse yelling
let's kill the white jocks breakout the moon
rocks & then we can hotbox I'm planning
on having a really good weekend I got the
reefer on me & it's really reekin' speaking
like I'm geeking an I play to win smoking a
ton like a Rastafarian soundin' like I'm fat
cause I'm always inhalin' I am more gangster
than MC Ren & I'm always holding still walking
around with a gangster limp slapping bitches
in the face like a gangster pimp cigarettes kill
but the weed is true medicine let's decriminalize
weed again what's the worst that could happen
many people can relate to me so smoke a bowl
or eat a brownie there's a war outside it's all
around me I really envy Cali

People know it's all about the D-O-P-E
people acting crazy maybe so they need to go
& get a B-A-G full of THC everybody in my country
isn't truly F-R-E-E they don't like the way I'm smoking
a ton of weed like Snoop D-O-double-G
cause I'm K.O.D. King Of Dope

(2nd Verse)
So dope off the coke & x talking so dope that
nobody in the right mind would flex because
my joints are fatter when the cops come we
scatter smoking on that shatter tripping stoned
like Mad Hatter dumping the weed in cake batter
bowl or blunt man it doesn't matter stir it up
whoever made it illegal is fucking up overtime
I go to buy a bag I think it's a set up bitches are
ignorant impotent drug dealers are getting life of imprisonment aint that some bullshit give me
the good dope I'm all about it cause when I
get up on it man I really get up on it the feds
are hating on my medicine & want me in prison
I try to keep the peace but they keep breaking
in let me smoke in peace or I'll fuck up again
snipping & clipping the nugs zipping &
shipping the drugs in the mail an tipping
the scale I'm blazing a trail this is that
king of dope life holy grail


(3rd Verse)
I'm K.O.D. looking like a true druggie making
the scenery smokey cause I'm always down
to blasé sniffing the yay give me the dope
not the AK allow me to roll a jay an take the
stress all away blowing the smoke in the air
I'm a smoke until my whole bag is bare alcohol
is killing but the weed is healing I am more
dope than the dope that the dope man's
dealing fucking unbelievable how is weed
illegal people staring like I'm evil I'm not
new to this I'm ruthless everybody knows
that i'm all about the cannabis give me the
good speed give me the good weed give
me the good dope guaranteed ever since
I was 13 I've been addicted to green &
caffeine off the mescaline on a trampoline
until the cops intervene smoking that
broccoli man it is Godly feeling real cocky
talking like Ryan Lochte