Breezy 2016

1st Verse
It's "Dab Day" it's a celebration it's a holiday all
across the nation take another hit out of
moderation a side effect of the weed cultivation
it's not the strain it's the farmer's plantation to
all the people that suck this is your motivation
fire it up then pass it to a friend take a really
big hit & then count to 10 hash oil I'm loving it
bragging about how high I get don't do drugs
just give 'em to me I'm sayin' let the people
grow & be free an let the people know I'm a pro Marijuana OG weed prodigy & everybody says
I'm in love with pot drugs are all I've got oils I
conceal them 710 satisfied & I really feel them
weed won't kill them so homies & the ladies
know that i'm reppin' 710 (let's go)

Chronic edibles smoking hash oil & dabs again
I'm reppin' that 710 (710)
Cannabis oils wax contracts & then those dabs again reppin' that 710 (710)
Grab your pen thank God that it's July again
representing that 710 (710)

2nd Verse
Now I'm ready for a "yabadabadoo we can
do a dab or two I have a few flavors we all
love the vapors no need for papers dabbing
at the extravaganza damn I love the gonja
partner I am K.O.D. "King Of Dope" homie forgot to mention that I'm on 710 an everybody's ready for
the best smoke session I'm a professional you're a peewee the scenery looks like a smoke factory
smelling like greenery people say I'm pushy
but I swear I don't mean to be I got oil on me
looking like I'm wearing red contacts you
need to face facts dog it's all about the wax &
pushing it to the max blowin' smoke out the
window obsessed with the beautiful kush cargo
so tell a friend tell a foe homies & the ladies
know that I'm reppin' 710 (let's go)