Got Your Back

Brandon Rogers 2009

So many days
So many ways for me to find out
All I can know about you
(Wanna know all about you)
(I know all about you)
At first I was scared
When I started to care a little more than
I had gotten used to, for you

How could I ever know
That I could be capable
Of feeling like this
Even my mamma said
Girl you must be heaven sent
So let me tell you this

I got your back and I know you got mine
Til the end of time
Baby ain't no one else for you and me
I'm sure you will agree
You were meant for me
I was made for you
There's nothing we can do

Some days wont be good as the first
But let me tell you right now
That Im ready and willing to put in the work
And every day will feel just like a holiday
Don't need no other people around
Ladies tryin' to steal your crown
Cause once again, Ill have to tell them no
Say it again, No
One more time, No