Merry Go Round

Brandon Rhyder 2008

I got drunk last night on a bottle of wine
I got to see some old friends, I havent seen in a really long time
Aint nothing changed, they still act all just the same
Just grown up kids, willing to do it all over again
Cause life aint nothing but a Merry Go Round
Pick up a bottle, and well pass it around
Life aint nothing but a merry go round
And it never, no it never, slows down
Well, I get stoned some nights and I peel back the layers of life
Look into my soul to see if anybodys home, if theres any kind of light
To tell you the truth, I hate to be all alone by myself in the dark
I thought this life, was supposed to be a walk in the park
The end of the road, is when they put you six feet in the ground
The only time in this life, you can ever get off of the merry go round
Ive been here for some thirty years now I know
Give me thirty more, I want to make a little more of this show