I Can't Hang On

Brandon Rhyder 2008

Molly Jane is twenty three,
And shes graduating from college today
After five long years
Shes ready to be on her own, go out and have a little fun
And not answer, to anyone
Make no mistake about it, she still thinks of him
Right now, shes wondering where he is
He said move on, I cant hang on
If you wont meet me in the middle, on solid ground
Tell me whats wrong, give me something I can work on
But if all youve got is you need some time alone
I cant hang on
Molly Jane is finding out, that life all alone
Is highly over rated.
Every guy she goes out with, she compares to him
And she knows thats not fair
She wants so bad to call him, shes staring at the phone
But shes afraid to find out, that hes already gone
She dials up his number, like shes done a million times
But another voice answers, on the other end of the line
It was the voice of Becky Martin, Molly Janes ex best friend
You see when Molly moved out, Becky moved in