Bomb Com

Astro Safari USA 2015

Livin' in the back of my van
Meatloaf is my favorite band
And Brady is my #1 Family
But not those football jocks
I'm talkin' bout Marcia and Cindy

I'm the Bomb . com
Extra Explosive
Goin' apeshit like I'm King Kong™
Potassium Loaded
Na na na na na na
Extra Explosive
Ba na na na na na na na
Potassium Loaded

Sippin' on some good ass Sprite™
Twist it with the Gin and make it tight
Kardashian my 2nd favorite family
But I just can't keep up with them
When I'm bein' Miley

Fall asleep in the club when I'm faded
Layin down like I'm on vacation
Now I'm doin' somethin else crazy
Courtney Love and Johnny Knoxville's baby
Spreadin out on the couch like I'm beachin
Watchin re-runs of Baywatch seasons
Can't stop me wit my Netflix streaming
Time Warner sucks...