Unlove You

Ashley Tisdale 2007

I fell in a perfect way
Never had a choice to make
Crashed into your tidal wave
I didn't even struggle
Sailed right through your atmosphere
Closed my eyes and landed here
Didn't see the trouble
And I didn't care

I can't unlove you
Can't do that
No matter how I try
I'll never turn my back on
Someone who loved me too
I can do most anything I have to

But this one thing I cannot change
I almost kind of like the pain
Wear your tattoo like a stain
It will take forever
To fade away

I can't unlove you, no
Why would I want to? Oh
I can't unlove you
Can't do that
I'll never
Get through that
Why would I want to?
There's always time for other dreams
Why must we erase these things?