Trick City

Ash Kardash 2013

Ash Kardash people say Im the shit
Might see me with a nigga
Might see me with a bitch
Middle finger to them hoes talking that shit
And I dont need a man I just need me a trick
I need me a trick that will pay my bills
A couple times a week we have expensive meals
On any given day he buy me red bottom heels
And break enough bread for my crib in the hills
Dont get offended Im just keeping it real
Call me a gold digger but thats just how I feel
Fuck all that love man that shit dont exist
Cause niggas aint shit but pimps and tricks

Trick city bitch
Trick trick city bitch

Silly rabbit tricks for a boss bitch
Shout out to my team and shout out to my momma
And shout out to them hoes that be coming at me with drama
And shout out to them niggas that be leaving me their numbers
Cause you know I never text them and I sure dont call em
Let me see what you about
Give me your credit card you mind if I max it out?
Saying you ballin ballin
But nigga I got my doubts
Cause talking dont pay my bills so please get your wallet out
And Im something like a boss bitch
And Im every nigga first round draft pick
And I love to watch a come up
So I be putting my niggas on like a slave ship
Something like a hustler
Im something like a hustler
And lord please forgive cause I did it for my mother
And lord please forgive me cause I did it for my brothers
Cause if I dont fucking make it who the fuck gone make it for us,
Its the beauty and the barz mixtape
Ash Kardash
On here going harder than your favorite rapper favorite rapper
And Im on and we out [x3]