Shadows Of Wealth

Ascendant 2012

Disaster on disaster approaches
In such a degree, it has become
Just another story
World society has turned his back against those in need
Because his eyes are watching the stocks

We are dead, enslaved in mind and soul
With an expressionless face, we go to work.
What we do, we do for ourselves.
Your worries and struggles
Wont get us down
Money is what we hunger for.
It is in our blood, it runs through our veins

Our bastards are ruling, but soon well let go
And bomb their empires into democracy.
Oil is our payment blood is the medium
As soon as the pipe is secured well take our leave

In our industry, minerals are found,
With the origin from Africas cellars
Lives are lost, but for what cause
The satisfaction of greed?
If that is the case
Greed has triumphed
And is currently gloating over humanity