Disgrace For Stagnation

Ascendant 2012

What could I possibly contribute with?
Thoughts are already thought
Acts are already acted
Still, we keep on writing
Like it was something we were forced to do.
Time changes
Everything stays the same

Feels like an old record
The same riff
The same road
The same destination

Were dust, no doubt
Organized in systems and orders
Calculated and weighted
Measured and examined.

The unending need for knowledge;
The strive for a better place
The unending urge
The unending love
For things that destroy us

Something out of the normal
Individuality, the dead term
Not a fingerprint is even
Nor a voice the same

The will to do
What has been done
The will to think,
What has been thought

The will
To be
To act
To love
To care
To listen
To think
To break,
Break free out of systems;

Beneficial wars
Good riots
The remedy to a better place
A new system

If the record is good
If the riff is great
If the order is meaningful
I dont min living in a cycle

Even this is heard before
This is no new statement
I guess it is how we humans are built
Built to express our selves... and

Built to be
Built to do
Built to love
Built to care
Built to listen
Built to think
Built to break free

Break free!
Oh you just got to break free