Astral Sleep

Ascendant 2012

Dark haze covering
Contradicting voices in his head
Parted sentences
Appearing in a fragile mind

Nothing is seen nothing is heard
All senses and feelings fade away
Insensitive cold pale is his face
Drained of desire for life

The inevitable pushed relentlessly forward
Waiting for the night to pass in silence
Hoping the sun of tomorrow will bring a brighter day
Though the night it feels like eternity

Sneaking up behind the scavenger of his thoughts
Feeding on his irresolution and perplexity
Leaving nothing but a stunted corrupted heart
A choice must be taken

A choice of life
Take part in history
Hesitate no more
Before you fade away

Face your options
Your alterations
Your stagnations

Face your choices
Your meltdowns
Your hardenings