In My Neighborhood

Ariel Ytterbium 2016

When the fat man collapsed
They started to laugh
"Ha, look at him down!"
Every romance that he's ever had
Has failed
But you see, it's not his fault
It's what he's been taught

He said "I'm gonna make some changes in my life
I'm gonna throw out some things
Like dirty things
Like little things
Like eerie, furry things
Like floating things
Like yellow things
Like soggy, metal things
Like things that make my room messy!"

While cleaning his closet, he found a ghost of an old lady.
Without a momentary hesitation he picked up the phone and called the exterminator,
Who answered and said, "I'm sorry, but I only work on Mondays, Fridays and Dogdays".
Unfortunately, it wasn't any of these days, especially not Friday.
So as the ghost shrettled behind him,
He had to wait.

He did.

In my neighborhood
You will find it all
Like pieces of my heart
Big and small
And every corner's
Got a story to tell
Oh well

And in my room that's
In my house that's
In my street
That's in my neighborhood
On the concrete
You'll find me playing
To you, please take a seat
We'll meet

The man in the corner
Was reading a line
When all his garbage cans
Turned into wine
Things like that just could
Happen in my neighborhood
Happen in my neighborhood
Happen in my neighborhood