You Can't Get Things to Change

Arianna Garcia 2017

Aurelia: There was a time, once
When I thought I could get them to see
That they shouldn't define you
By your carnivory
But time went on
Nothing changed
Though you never did any wrong
As you aged
And I realized
You can't get things to change, it's sad but you
Can't get things to change
Marcus: But that's mad!
We might have to wait a couple of years but they just have to know me more as I mature
Aurelia: No, Marcus, you just can't get things to change.
You can't will the wind to blow the other way
You can't tell the plants how they should sway
But look at it like this, at least
I've got you, and you've got me
Marcus: But hey, you got a weasel to not attack prey
Maybe that means
You can get things to change
You can get things to change
Even if it may take more than a matter of days
You can get things to change.