Up Up & Away

Ari B 2016

Yeah (up up & away)
Yeah-ay (make me last the day)

Lay down the light
Set from the time
Blessed the soul past over her eyes
Set back from me
Sweet sanity
Patiently, weary, await on you

Want to give ya all the rest to give to
For I'm lovin you, all I wanna do (don't you want it too)
Know I'm sorry I trust to make you happy, don't
Question honey (on me)... tonight
Want You to Take Me

Up up & away - yeah (baby tell me now)
Up up & away - yeah-ay-ee (know I got you on my list)
Come to get away - yeah (Come on-and a-and on my)
Make me last the day - yeah
I'll make you say

Now take back all that you need
Tradin it with none to believe
And boy it took so long
Oh no, not to do you wrong

You gon' watch my act
No, not the sneak attack (smack)
Tapered down my back
You hack me off the track

No other name shame question on the game frame
Claimin my soul, you're in control (know you want it)
Now tell me bout it - No expectation to kick back on my nation
Tearin my heart, apart
Boy Won't You Take Me

Up up & away (mm, tell me bout ya)
Up up & away (need your love boy)
Come to get away (give it- give it to me now)
Make me last the day
yeah, yeah, yeah...

In the evening set past the skyline
In her stable eyes, so petrifying, all the lies
But you gotta bring me
Need you to take me high

Up up & away
And I want ya, and I need ya
Up up & away
Give it to me, all I believe
Come to get away
No other way... make me stay, save the day
Make me last the day
And I want it, stay on it
Ain't no other way
Takin you, takin me, what you done- done to me
Up up & away
Come to hideaway
Want it too, all on you, have some fun, wanna do
Save me one more day
Give it to me, I gotta give
If I make you stay
Every move, every grove, feel the heat, all on me, steppin to...