Come Back Baby

Aretha Franklin 2007

Oh come back, baby
Baby please don't go, yeah
'Cause the way I love you
You'll never know
Come back baby
Let's talk it over, yeah one more time
Oh oh, yeah

Well I admit, baby (yes I admit)
That I was wrong (that I was wrong)
Don't you know, baby (don't you know baby)
You've been gone too long (gone too long)
Come back baby
Let's talk it over, he, he, one more time
Oh yeah

Now one of these days, baby (one day)
And it won't be long, no, no (one day soon)
You gonna look for me, yeah
And I'll be gone
So come back, yeah
Oh, let's talk it over one more, one more, one more time
Yeah one more time

If I could holler
Like a mountain jack
People must learn how to give
Call my baby back
Come back baby
Let's talk it over one more time
Yeah, one more time, yeah