Good to Me As I Am to You

Aretha Franklin 2007

If you had a dollar
And I had a dime
I wonder, could I borrow yours
As easy as you could mine?
Because when you need my love
And I give time after time
And turn around to find me no returns,
Then my friend, you've used my dimes

If there's water in the pitcher,
And we both need a drink
To stay alive, my darlin',
I'd need less water than you think

My love, my love, these things, I swear, I say are true
And all I'm really saying is be as good to me as I am to you
Oh, yeah

Listen to this
Some people want,
But they don't wanna give
They can do all of the wrong in the world
And got the nerve to not understand the meaning of loving me
Starting today,
Tomorrow, and forevermore
If you can't find it in your heart to do for me
Then, baby, just don't darken my front door