Andy Milonakis 2008

Andy: Biggin
Dirt Nasty: Mumbling

Dirt Nasty:
I enter arenas
surrounded by a plethera of cheatahs
I look like beast master OH NO I run away (fast)...
Run away run away from the moose deers
glug glug glug glug I drank all the goose tears
then I ate all the goose meat
then I drank wah-tah like Bruce Lee
D Nasty:
Bobbarelly Bobbabaloo
theres all types of things that I want to do
starting with number 2
pull out my dick and insert it into you
Oh hi baby! Baby want bisketti?
Baby wanna hang out with ?????
no no no... baby not ready
baby turn into a big mean yetti
D Nasty: goo goo goo goo ga ga you're so cute
little baby gon' grow up to be a prostitute
oh and imagine
them little hands gon' be grabbin
on beef bag
I think I really love jupiter
???? puddin makes me much stupider
and you know I love the coos coos
put my beef bag in your stupid pus pus
D Nasty:
This girl came up and said
I snort (mumbling)or somethin like that
i said whatevah
she said (Mumbling)
Penguin penguin gay fella
hey penguin i hope you get better
penguin no allowd to eat chedder
necesito yo te querro
D Nasty:
Panderia canerry
all types of birds for Andy
And Dirt Nasty
like the sancuary
bird pussy is so rarey
Money in my tummy
I like my eggs runny
breakfast at Tiffany's under the sunny
murder and weep not too funny
burgers and grapes got 2 bunnies
D Nasty:
I drink Cha Tea
when i do Tai Chee
with a chinese freak
half dead with an IV
in her dick, she was a tranny
that bitch anime she japan-ay
Black Berry
Black Cherry
suspicious... your very
existence... is nothing
so thats why... I love you