When I Saw Your Ghost

Andrew London 2013

This used to be a place I knew well
This used to be a place that I called home
But you lost your soul, went door to door
That tired smile, I've seen it all before.

Well, this used to be a place without silence
Now apparitions fly out of the walls
You tell yourself it's nothing and you step into the light
But you don't forget.

Oh, I can barely breathe
Seeing you in front of me
Not a prayer I believed
When I saw your ghost.

I flew across the ocean to begin again
Some peace of mind, a place to lay my head
You knew I'd give you anything
Everything came pouring out instead.

Yeah we try 'till our face goes numb
And we won't stop 'till our work is done
But we come home to an empty house
Darling, did it end how it begun?

Guess we should know better now
I've been getting older, getting older
Try as I might, I know
still not any closer, any closer.