Devil Take The Hindmost

Andrew Lloyd Webber 2010

[Raoul - spoken]
Miss Giry, he's not Mephistopheles you know
When it comes down to it, he's just another circus freak
I'm not afraid of him
Not afraid of me you say?
Stay back, or I'll kill you, I promise
Insolent boy
You think you own more of a soul than I do?
She is my wife
Your music may speak to her
But her heart will always follow me

You think so?
You really think so?
Follow you?
With all your... "charms?"
Look at you, deep in debt
Stinking drunk, pitiful
Shall we two make a bet?
Devil take the hindmost

Look at you, foul as sin
Hideous, horrible
Call the stakes, deal me in
Devil take the hindmost

Our Christine shall choose tonight
(Let her choose)
Is she yours or mine?
(Draw the line)

If she sings, you lose tonight
(I won't lose)
You leave from here

And if she won't, if I win
All your debt's wiped away

Very well, let's begin
Devil take the hindmost

You think you have the odds
(Our old game)
You think you're in control
(It's been changed)

You think you've fixed the dice
(Every throw)
Well, I will gladly roll

I'll bet against the house
(All the rules)
I'll even double down
Fortune's on my side
(Fate has redesigned most)

I won her long ago
(Cut the deck)
I won her from you then
(Let us play)

I'll beat you even now
(You and I )
I'll win her back again
(Once again)

(In the end)
And when the game is done
Either way
Devil take the hindmost

Now Christine shall choose at last
Is she yours or mine?
We've a son, our bond's secure
Are you sure?
Are you so sure?
What do you mean?
Such a child, strange to see, talented, musical
Is he more you or me?
Which one do you find most?

You lie
(Yet you doubt)
No woman could
(Doubt your wife)
Or ever would
(Doubt your son)
Love such a man
You're insane
(Doubt your life)

Now we play, for your life
(So now I play for my life)
Devil take the hindmost
Deal the cards
(I call your bluff)
Let them fall
(The game is on)

Choose your hand
(And we will see)
Try your best
(Who wins out)

He who wins
(Once and for all)
Wins it all
Devil take the hindmost

She walks, you leave together
Pockets full, debts paid
She sings, you leave alone
Devil take the hindmost

Dear God
What have I done?
I could lose her forever
My Christine!