The Saying Goes

Amy Sinha 2016

Verse 1
The Saying Goes,
That you have to stop looking.
Only then you'll find what you're looking for.
The saying Goes,
If it's right, you'll just know.
But what happens if I don't?
All the things we take for granted as the gospel truth.
All these things I've taken for granted
Right back from my youth.

Where do they come from?
Who made them up?
There must be a reason they're still here.
Why do we listen?
Should we shut them out?
I think they're arousing my worst fears.
Still, I guess they'll be around for many more years.

Sax Solo

Verse 2
The saying goes,
That we don't appreciate what you've got,
Not until it's gone.
And even if this is all true.
It makes me feel like I'm thinking something wrong.
All these things we're expected to believe.
That keep us sensitized.
All these things I actually believe.
I think I've been hypnotized.