'It's Not Real' (DanceRemix)

Amy Sinha 2016

Cos it's not real.
It's Not Real

Verse 1
You can change what you wear.
You can change what others see.
You can act like you don't care.
But I know that you'll never be free.

Verse 2
It doesn't matter what you do.
It doesn't matter how you act.
You can laugh right on cue.
But I know the truth and that's a fact.

How long can it last
This image of who you think you are?
You know it's happening too fast.
This image will fall.

Cos it's not real.
How did you get to this place?
It's so surreal
How you can just leave & there'll be no trace.
Cos it's not real.
Why do you think that you're here?
How does it feel
That you can just disappear and run?

Verse 3
Do you really think that this is right?
Do you really think it's all ok?
Tell me what happened on that night?
That made you believe this was the only way.