Habibi Ya Nour El Ain

Amr Diab 2011

Maaool ha olak rooh,
Is it possible that I would tell you to leave,
Mengheir makoon magrooh?
If it wasn't because I was hurt?
Wala baqi ala haga.
Thinking there was nothing left of us.
La danta mosh arif.
No, you don't know.

Maaool tesadaa abee,
Is it possible you would think I've given up,
Mengheir matooh wala dee?
Without getting lost and broken?
Wala akhafsh men haga.
Without fearing anything.
La danta mosh aarif.
No, you don't know.

Chorus 1:
Baadak hahis be meen?
After you who can I love?
Maoola hob seneen,
Is it possible that our love of years,
Yekhlas fe dameit ein?
Can finish with the drop of a tear?
Ya habibi la!
No, my darling, no!

Chorus 2:
La, la, la, la.
No, no, no, no.
La, we alf la.
No, and a thousand nos.
Dana albi baad gheyabak tah.
My heart, after you left, became lost.
Law belkalam,
If with words,
Nensa el alam.
We could forget the pain.
Da makansh al wala asheq aah.
Then never would one lover have cried in pain.

Maaool habibi misheet?
Is it possible, my darling, that you have left.
Maaool fakerni niseet?
Is it possible you thought I forgot?
Law albi aal haga,
If my heart said anything,
Men garho alhalak.
He said it because he was hurt.

Dana lama kont baool,
When I use to say something,
Baasood kalami yetool.
I had meant to get a response from you.
Yemken teool haga,
Maybe you would say something,
Asmaha asfalak.
I could have heard it and forgiven you.