We Worship You

Ambassador 2005

I was made to worship and adore you enjoy you
Put you on a pedestal and lay there before you
The more you do work in me the more I can't ignore you
I've been in awe
Every since my inner man first saw you
Got so many names
We can't run out of things to call you
They're all true
These are what we ought to use to draw you
'Cause any picture of the immortal is skimpy
Even classic pictures by Leonardo DaVinci
'Cause you're the wise God
Immortal and invisible
And Jesus Christ is your only accurate visual
Every one should honor you just for your common grace
Good comes from you God
It's like wine and grapes
You're omnipresent
You protrude beyond time and space
You're holy
You're set apart like mom's china plates
You're showy
You got shekinah
And you shine your grace
You're an oldie
You go back like rewinding tapes

We worship you {*3X*}
Oh Lord our God

If not for you we would have been lost
Sin's boss
Until the day we met you at the cross with the Timbs off
Told all my friends paying for sins was not a slim cost
God had to become a man and go out on a limb for us
We need the blood that your Son shedded
Nobody else's works
It's like using diesel when you need unleaded
Good deeds won't stand like a man that's one legged
We don't have enough
Like trying to graduate with one credit
Jesus the Father was pleased to crush ya
Now we got a crush and want to be with you like girls wanna be with Usher
Some have to see to believe they need to touch ya
You bless those who believe without seeing we need to trust ya
You brought us through
But in the process you caught a few
Blows to the hands, feet, and the side
Your beard they tore that too
Fake gods fall short of you
That's why we find ourselves pantin' like the deer from Psalm 42