Broken Little Souls

All the Little Pieces 2014

Verse 1:
Looking at it from a shattered view
because you think it's true
but they're only trying to break you
don't listen to the words they say
don't go that way
they're leading you into the darkness
they're tying you into a harness

I'm just piece of broken glass in an old abandoned house
I am torn apart
Don't let them break your, don't let them break your
Don't let them break your heart

Verse 2:
When we look at the stars
from afar
we think it's all ok
if we look at it from a deeper perspective
then we'll start doubting everything
nothing is what it appears
in the middle of the fog
nothing is clear


Verse 3:
We are just broken little souls
and as time unfolds
we begin to lose control
everyone is the same
we play stupid little games
and risk our hearts
don't let yourself be torn apart