Bone to Bone

Aerosmith 2006

Flatbush boy cruisin' sheepshead bay
His boardwalk mama just a sniff away
Underground D.M.T. ridin' thunder train
The Coney Island whitefish boy is on the run again

Ooh, runnin' with the pack
Ooh, never lookin' back
Ooh, knows just where he's been
That Coney Island whitefish boy's been there and back again

Sixteen years with his boardwalk queen
And at Steeplechase she used to wet his dreams
She combs her hair, that flaming jewel, streaked with Chlorox bleach
Coney gettin' down and dirty, snortin' up the beach

She'd be screamin' Coney
She'd be dreamin' Coney
Go get 'em Coney

Bone to bone screamin' Coney
She'd be screamin' Coney
Get back in town
Get back in town
Get back, get down
Get back in town

She'd be screamin' Coney
Best believin' Coney