Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

AEHoF 2006

I know you're coming to find me
I can feel the sense of dread
In your books, the Qur'an and the Bible
And now as I lie in this bed
I can see the end is nearing
And the light is coming close
As I turn to face the black sky
Becoming covered in the darkness' cloak

It's scary, the thoughts of a dying atheist
Converting, the scenes of a life without
Reborn, just before the ending
Out of time to correct
The life of a dying atheist
The thoughts of a dying atheist
The time is left
To attempt to right
The wrongs in a life
That's been without light
And to change the thoughts
Of years of woe
And listen at last
To the words of hope
And change the thoughts of a dying atheist

The end is nearing, slowly
I just lie down to rest
And close my eyes in silence
Considering the wine and the bread
As the philosophy of my life
Falls apart at the seams
And the worrying about our human lives
Seems worthless and completely obscene

The life of a sinner
Eternally damned
Facing corruption
At Lucifer's hands