Conversation With A Whale

Achim G 2013

Prologue - the Dolphins call:
Everybody feels, everybody hears, everybody dreams
You, We, You
Everybody hates, everybody loves, everybody hopes
You, We, You
Everybody wins, everybody fails, everybody learns
You, We, You
Everybody tries, everybody lives, everybody dies
You, We, You

Is there anybody out there, who'd share some thoughts with me?

Vers 1:
When all rainbows are painted in fading grey
I wonder day and night
Do you feel the pain?
Brother, I wanna know how to overcome?

Bridge 1:
Come and see how smooth and bright
Brave Whales never fear wind over tide

No, No, No, No, No, No, No

But it breaks my Heart every time, when I hear them singing
Even those made of granit
"God Help me to Save our Planet"

Mother Nature's sent a Message
Almost late! So let's get started soon!

No need to promise the Moon
You got it?
soon ...

Have you seen my Whale?
Might have lost my Whale!

Do you know my Whale?
Could it be your Whale?

Can you hear my Whale?
Voices of all Whales!

Listen to my Whale,
This Song's about my Whale!

Interlude - Jumping Whale Drum Solo

Vers 2:
Don't rush! Don't rush! Take your time my friend
We gonna take our last breath together in the silence, without any pain

Lord, I wanna know how to overcome?

Bridge 2:
Come and learn the Worth of Truth,
My Majestic Whale gliding through the Blue

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue

But it breaks my Heart every time, when he talks to me
Listen to his Complain, now ... please

Chorus 2:
Well my friend, it's not fantastic
We're living in an Ocean full of Oil and Plastic

But sooner or later you will see,
there ain't a Difference between You and Me

Moonlight and Stars keep shining,
even if the Children of the Poorest dying too soon
... way too soon

Final Chorus:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Everybody has to change before it's too late

Black or Yellow or Brown or White or Red
Skin colour doesn't matter, we walk straight-ahead!

One step Left, and One step to the Right
Everybody gotta move before he's outta sight

Far to late! My whale is forever gone!
I wanna hear your praying for the Good!
soon ...

(Guitars by David T. Walker, all other instruments performed and recorded by Achim G., all rights reserved by Achim G.)