For Naomi (For You)

Ace Shocka 2016


Yeah, yeah
Oh lord, lord, lord lord

[Verse 1]

I don't want to erase
I don't want to rewind
But I've been waiting for
I've been aching for

Only your words I will find
How they echo in my mind
A thousand times yeah, a thousand times
I'm painting out the lines
You got me colorblind
I lay it on the line
All for one night

I don't know where I'm at one time
But you gotta take me back one time, one time
We both, we can both go away
You don't have to be alone anymore (yeah)


For Naomi (oooh)
For Naomi (oooh, oooh)
For Naomi (oooh, lo lo lo lo lo lo lo)
For Naomi (oooh, oooh)


Oh my god, ???

[Verse 2]

Oh lord, you take my breath away
Oh lord, seeing you pass every day (oh)
Oh lord, you bring me into the light
Oh lord, you make me want to provide

Oh running, faking, steady, oh, bluffing, loving I been (oh)
Cutting, cuffing, steady, oh, fucking, no no



La la la la la la la la la la (x8)
It's all for you, girl
It's all for you
Girl it's all for you
Girl it's all for you
Girl it's all for you