Like it's Real (Redux)

Ace Shocka 2016

[Verse 1]

Silent meditations
I been sitting waiting
I done tried a lot of things
There ain't no replacing
Sun shining through the basement

Now baby girl, alright

I understand this time
I ain't got no plans this time
I just want to watch you glow
I'll be here front row
So I'm read' to go, yeah

So baby let's go, baby let's go
Baby girl I'm on a roll
Oh baby you know

I know that it's not the perfect time
But there's only one thing on my mind


Baby does it feel
Like it's real
Tell me baby does it feel
Like it's real

[Verse 2]

Oh my God you look so perfect
Oh my God you're so worth it
Oh my God the way you stare at me
It feels like therapy

The way you stare at me
It feels like fucking therapy
I been treatin' this so carefully
But you ain't playin' fair with me

In my bedroom
In my memory
In each message
That you send me

We both can find what we need
I don't want to intervene
Can you feel the energy?



Tell me baby does it- (x2)