Big Jack

AC/DC 2008

The steam is a burning,
Workin' up and down the line,
The pot is getting ready,
He's been working it so hard,
When it comes to lovin',
Big jack is on his way,
Wink of satisfaction,
His time is going on,
I'm like a bad defender,
Smoking holy Joe,
He's a big pretender, look out for jack,
He's on his way

Big Jack, Big Jack,
You know it's only natural, he gets you up to scratch,
Big Jack, Big Jack,
You've got a reputation you really got the knack,
Big Jack, Big Jack,
He said that he's the only one who got a full sack,
Big Jack, look out Jack, he's always at your back.

You never leave a dollar,
Racking up the balls,
You like to get it on fast,
Back there standing tall,
When he hears the siren,
He's gonna put you on the racks,
He's got a bad reputation, climbing all over the bars
Gonna press the flesh,
Rockin' rollin' soldier,
He's the last of them all,
Well tell jack, he's on his way