Desdemona/The Departing Dance

Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents 2015

[First Verse]
Don't you notice?
The world keeps spinning
And it's turning us inside out

[Second Verse]
Don't you know it?
We'll climb every mountain
Just to turn around and take the fall
Into the clouds


[Third Verse]
Don't let it control ya
Set your own pace
And give what you got in the tank

[Fourth Verse]
Don't let him fool ya
Your beauty is a prison
And the mind can be a miserable place
Filled with hate


And in this world of tumbleweeds
Dragonflies and willow trees
The great divide of our histories
The wars that we have known
The angels still sing on high
Under moonlight
The cowboy rides
The cosmos breathes a quiet sigh
And we are on our own
We're all alone

[Fifth Verse]
So Desdemona
I know you know that
But love can throw daggers
And liars can pretend to be saints
It undermines our faith