Aaron Sprinkle 2007

On a good day
You break my heart again
On the highway
You run me over when
You are leaving me and taking everything

Everyone sees you at work
And they all think, I'm not worth
The trouble that you go through
Gets you nowhere

Like waking up before you land
I guess you figured we're no good
I guess I'll never understand

By the time you hear my crying
Will you feel like understanding
Plans to keep you by my side my darling

Is the gift of true belief?
Is so hard to believe?
When all you seem to want to do
Is get away

Like pillows underneath a fall
It's not so bad to stick around
It doesn't have to hurt at all

Every folly, every quarter I have lost
Takes some adding and some blood to count the cost
But I've done all that I could

All the rainbows are black and white and I'm colorblind
And I don't see nothing anymore
I don't see nothing anymore
And I don't know, what I'll do without you