Standing On The Bridge

Aaron Nazrul 2011

Standing on the bridge
waiting for the sun to rise
I get the feeling that I'm never gonna get my mind
back and I don't mind my feet are on the ceiling
and my big fat juicy heart is bleeding.

Blood's a runnin like the Nile,
down the hall
you start to cry and drop the knife
as I begin to crawl
towards the piano
you're still standing in the door
tell me I'm dying baby, Yeah, I know.

Now you look like an angel with the mercy of love.
To pure to be from below to wicked to be from above.

You come over
so I can feel your heartbeat inside your chest
give me a kiss that tastes (like) cheap
wine and cigarettes.
And the red blood's still spreading everywhere, it's in your pretty little hands and it's in your black hair.

Things go black
and then we're in a place so serene,
swimming in a deep blue canyon mountain stream. Out of the water sitting looking in each other's eyes
your rusty wet lips and brown skin look so nice.

Then a feeling, a vision,
I never had before like I was you & you were me
and we were sitting on heavens floor.

And I still see it baby,
even though the time,
it takes, is weighing on me

Hey hey, mama hey hey

Standing on the bridge