But Then Again

Aaron Marefka 2011

Here it goes take a deep breath
And let all of your secrets
Come and go the way we used to do
It don't hurt that bad I can't believe it
Now that it's all completed let us go
The way I know you'll do

But then again
You might choose to
Change your mind this time

Another day of growing older
Winds blowing colder
Don't you know, it chills me to the bone
Now you grow tall as I stay smaller
And I'd hate to stall you
Love of mine, it's fair to say I can't let go

But then again
Sometimes the rain clears
And the sun shines

Now I pass the time with flying colors
And fly by others though I know they'll only wish me well
For I my dear cannot be bothered
With wishful talkers
None of whom know just what story to tell

But then again
My mind could use just
One more friend in life