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The End Of A Perfect Day

The End Of A Perfect Day

Kirsty MacColl

I want to tell you something
It’s not a secret or anything
You’re not alone in being alone
At the end of a perfect day
And if you leave all your dependents
Then they will gain their independence
Don’t make a martyr of yourself
It’s just the end of a perfect day
And it’s never how it seems
The rain may fall on the best laid schemes
But in a written testimonial I’d say
I never really knew you anyway
I want to tell you something
Now don’t go crazy or anything
Just want to tell you that it’s over
It’s the end of a perfect day
Do you want sign language?
Don’t want a knuckle sandwich!
Now you can love or you can hate it’s just
The end of a perfect day
You can’t get inside someone
So don’t ask me if we’re close
I really couldn’t tell you
But I know you wouldn’t really listen anyway
It’s a pain you have to bear
And it’s always going to be there
But if you disappeared tomorrow
Then the world would carry on without you anyway
Mind over matter it seems
Can stop you falling apart at the seams
It’s a matter of honour with me
I could write out a hundred times
Put my hand on my heart and say
That I don’t want to lie
Don’t want to lie
Don’t want to lie
About the way it is
I want to tell you something
Don’t act surprised now or anything
Now you can revel in yourself 'cause
It’s just the end of a perfect day
No it’s not a pretty world out there
With people dying of their own despair
But in a written testimonial you’d say
You never really knew them anyway
I’ll never satisfy you
I’ll never even try to
I really couldn’t tell, it just depends what you remember
At the end of a perfect day

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