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Eternity X

Someone once asked me what my true feelings are
I’m not really sure myself
I’m looking for the balance though I’d like to reach the stars
Maybe I could use a little help
Let’s sit down and talk about the friction going on
There’s too much conflict everywhere and I don’t need it
I don’t wanna be alone for too long
What’s that sound I hear above it’s singing to us all
It’s Libra calling me
The things I love in life, what money can buy
Just make sure you look good too
I just know I like the finer things in life
We’ll make it if we try, me and you
Lets sit down and talk about everything that’s going on
There’s a love I feel for you and I want you to see it
I know I won’t be alone for too long
Now I know that sound I hear it’s singing to us all
It’s Libra calling you
I don’t wanna be alone here tonight

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