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The Savior and the Disease

The Savior and the Disease

Eternity X

Isn’t it strange, how I can hear you now
They never hear your screams no matter how loud they are
But all your sins are gone and all your pain is over
And we are both in trouble now, damned to this hell forever
Isn’t it strange how I can still hear you
I’m just like you I don’t want to be here in this nightmare without you
You are the one who showed me it wasn’t real
Now that you’re gone, I’m really gone too
And I wish they all could see
Depression’s the symptom it’s not the disease
It’s closing in on me like the millions who begged to be free
Isn’t it strange
Where is the old man to calm me and keep me from my pain
He’s always there searching for a way to help you
Make you stronger, so he says, or to tear you down
He’s a killer, he’s a fugitive, he’s a liar, in cover of the night
They call him Mr. Suicide, grab his hand he’ll take you on the ultimate ride
Mr. Suicide, grab his hand he’ll take you on the ultimate fucking ride
Isn’t it strange

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