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The Divine Madness

All the times you rolled around
All the things you tried to sell
All the times you tried to tell me its understood
And now things have changed
It’s all so strange
You tell me I’ll be yours forever
Should I stay or should I go
The more things change they stay the same
You want me now why even try
The thing you do it makes me cry
You tell me that you want me
You tell me that you need me
You tell me you can’t live without me
Sometimes when I need you
You’re never there
Are you looking for a way
To make your lonely get away
So I will tell what an honor it was to live for you
Well now things have changed
Your lips taste so strange
Still you tell me I am yours forever
The more things change you stay the same
Stop and listen
You’re in a sorry condition
Your strategic acquisition
Of my psychological disposition

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