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Apron Strings

Apron Strings

Beady Belle

Can’t say that I know you
I’m not acquainted with you yet
Can’t say that I miss you
‘Cause we’ve never really met
But for mysterious reasons
I long for you
I yearn for you
I burn for you
Don’t know you by appearance
‘Cause you’ve never crossed my sight
Your features undiscovered
They never have been brought to light
But for mysterious reasons
I picture you
Envision you
I dream of you
I’m tied to your apron strings
With bonds unconditionally formed
An implicit tie that clings
To a pipe dream yet unborn
To a pipe dream yet unborn
Can’t say that I need you
‘Cause you’ve not been put to use
Can’t say that I love you
These feeling are fare too diffuse
But for mysterious reasons
I’m attached to you
Interlocked with you
I belong to you

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