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Another Dimension

Another Dimension


and i dont know who you are
but im still with you
and i try to believe you
like i know you
is it real???
or is it dream???
i dont know whats going on
you came around me
try to look me in the eye
theres nothing but a little anxious in my mind
and im standing here alone in fear
i know you can see all in me
your eye is mean something for me
you read the sign and tell me
how to facing the situation
sometimes i cant even speak
like a control of your sense
take a deep breath slowly
try to fill my imagination
you are not a mistery
just another dimension of life
you are not an ilusion
just another dimension of life
you see the light
you see the past
and you know what i’am thinking
i cant event hide from you
you see the sign
you see the future
seems like…
my faith on you
what i’am going through

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