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A Short Supply (of Truth)

A Short Supply (of Truth)

Union 13

To renew yourself please make sure that you understand
Few things go your way, because you put yourself aside
We are all the same
Looking to direct the blame we knowing we’re all in a game
Lying has been helpful again you must play a part just to blend
In with those you know who tell you that they care
Who knows? They might
I’m not always there to see the truth
Betrayal is a part of life you know, we’ve all been there
Views do change with time, I’ve learned about how to forget
Everyone has hind sight and makes sure to let you know
We are all the same …
But what happens when you’ve been denied
Sadness sinks in takes the place pride
The medicine I need is in short supply
I feel now days that I must stay inside in
The room that I’ve built to be free

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