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Rico Love

Wanna to feel nigga 'shit on the
And the shit be all truth
Wanna to feel nigga hat talk that money '
And ain’t nigga '
Black nigga but the '
No blue pill but I fuck her all night
I’m the nigga how’ve been fucking up all night
Rich nigg in the club 'all night
They be like, fuck that nigga
Cuz when I leave she gonna fuck that nigga
But if you make the nigga spell .when I’m done with that '
.bad with you
Have you .in a million, I front of the '
.that probably hate you
But do that shit, do that shit
And you’ll see that 'every .that it makes you
It’s lot of homes to buy a '
It’s a lot of video girl on the '
It’s a lot o stones to get to the '
A lot of 'that I can skate to
.never see a '
Nigga you’re a liar
Me never see no bank accounts
30 years old but enough to retire
To watch stay for the '
'with the buyers
Un in the fires club '
.the same one that I came here let me try it
This bitches gonna be crazy
Cuz they see a nigga grande
And their boyfriends lazy
And you know the nigga buying
…those when you fuck boys
Those when you fuck boys '
Niggas be pissed of the '
They ain’t got enough toy
Go ahead, put it on your '
Cuz I’m on you bitch list
My name stay on you bitch list
My dick it’s ridiculous
And I ain’t gotta tell you.
The reason that I’m here it’s I’m on '
Will she leave bamboo, will she think about you
She leave with me the shit '
'that's 'bitch
When he show up you won’t see our bitch
We pow up, that click ooh shit
'not to mention I’m legal rich
So fuck the best, fuck the 'and their free joke
Money big it’s my ego
Got more hits then '
I put it on my sit and I never go back to zero
And I don’t give a fuck about what you think about me
I’m good as long as I am his '
We go motherfucker'
It’s free'
'not told 'bout real life nigga
Be your homework, be your motherfucker homework
It’s free'
House on the bitch, real nigga shit, turn the lights on
'you nigga still my '
Turn the lights on

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