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I Won't Judge You

I Won't Judge You

Rico Love

She fell in love, she fell in love
She fell in love with me in the club
All of the friends say that she is a slut,
She don’t give a fuck
I’m like ever since the ence
And she checks my hands,
Then she wanna cut
But would you mind if I your butt?
Would it be better if I leave up your cut?
I’m a give mine, you’re gonna get yours
I’m sure they gonna judge but we gonna bust none
I’m pretty forward right,
Show it!
And I could be all yours tonight
In front of next two albums and when I get this dick to know bitch
Your ass can be my pillow,
Roll up your cigarella
Get hot until you fill though
Then whip your hand no willow
Security ain’t trippin', I never pay to get in
I walked into the kitchen so light up don’t need permission
on the block, when I flash my up in the sky
You wanna get about the mill
We can go and close the door the shot
Shot the you know the Gucci’s do or die,
My bank roll is like a book,
She don’t know if I went to school and I
Big shout to my hollum nigga
It’s me, got love for my nigga purse
Shout out to my Brooklyn nigga
Don’t ask what they do, just know the words,
Don’t ask what the bitches know it works
Tomorrow morning, we both we go to church
I won’t judge it.
Turn the lights on
El Presidente
It’s the type of shit you make when
You leave bamboo before you
And you just wanna get in the studio
I’m on that champagne right now,
I’m not gonna tell you which one
Is day coming on fucking chat
This dough got a lot of bubble,
And I’m payin for you.

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