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Days Go By

Days Go By

Rico Love

Dinner alone, nobody’s home, no messages on my telephone
Just pictures hangin up on the wall, oh God, I’m going through withdrawal
Laying in bed with my TV on, but these memories, they won’t leave me alone
I guess I’ll fall asleep, but then again I won’t, floating in circles,
feeling so worthless
Then the days go by, and nights get longer
I thought the craving stopped, but I still want you
Cause when it’s real it never goes away
It only grows much stronger
As the days go by, those days go by, oh uh yeah
Those days go by, oh uh yeah
And it don’t get easier to sleep at night, oh uh yea
Been missing you all this time, as the days go by
Who’s right or wrong it don’t matter now, I just need you back some way somehow
Sitting here imagining your, your smile, I had no idea, that I’d be right here,
All of the moments that we shared, I’ll give up everything, I’ll buy a wedding
Wasn’t prepared to not have you here, now I’m floating in circles,
feeling so worthless
Funny how now is the time I decide I wanna be honest
Our potential is ahead, the regret is so far behind us
And all the BS that I was so good at giving you, was almost criminal,
now you sending subliminals
All your friends are defending you, pow wowing against me up in my living room
Running after birds, what a lame choice, maybe I deserve in my Tank voice
Cause all them lames you was curving, I’m observing, you giving time to them
same boys
I was living ruthless, but the truth is this last time I ain’t even do shit
But like the boy that cried wolf, the time he suppose to win is when he loses

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