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Heart to Know

Heart to Know

I Break Horses

From rustler’s rhapsody soundtrack, warner bros. 1985
I’ll drink a cold one with you and laugh the night away,
'cause i ride hard when i’m working and i work hard when i play.
But any misconception oughta stop before it starts
I’ll be leaving in the morning, girl,
I break horses not hearts.
I’ve broken records in the roundup, where i’ve broke a bone or two,
But i won’t ride away tomorrow and leave a broken heart with you.
Tonight can’t last forever, soon i’ll be long gone from these parts
You won’t hate me when it’s over,
I break horses not hearts.
Your smile is so inviting and you’re tender to a touch,
And you’re walking on the edge cause you’re tempting me too much.
When your home is in the saddle, boots don’t fit beneath the bed,
So when the sun comes up tomorrow, i’ll be riding on instead.
I’ve broken records in the roundup. .. .
You won’t hate me when it’s over
I break horses not hearts
I break horses not hearts

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