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Get Away

Get Away


i see people all around me where am I i see nothing but darkness
seeking kicks to feel good
i want to be free
don’t wanna live a sick life
it feels like
someone’s destroying my life
get away
get away
get away in jesus name
get away
i seek and try
to find freedom
the good I see and hear
there I find comfort
god most high
help me so
i can get peace
you’re only one
jesus see me i am nothing
where ever I turn
you are there
give me peace
give me strenght
give me blessing
give me holyspirit
you are God almighty father
jesus sees you
he will restore you
give you life
you never knew
you’re seeking
want to have bread
do you want some
jesus in your life
god sees you
god lifts you
god redeems you
god wants you, he loves you, he needs you

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