Land 69

69 Boyz 2006

69, first of all before we get this started
Let me clear my throat
69, true gotta send shouts out to my boys
95 South

69 'cause them boys is alright, alright, alright
69, now, all the girls that's comin' to the 69 party
Y'all get ready for some of that foreplay

69, 'cause if you go, come inside
69, you gots to be on the real
69, 'cause ready or not
69, here we come

And from this point on, don't talk, just listen
69, and Mr Lemonhead give me a funky bass drop

69, sit back and relax and relieve your mind
And get ready for the trip to land 69
Where the girls are fine and full of fun
And they outnumber guys like ten to one

We got trains, planes, and other thangs
Like Dom Perignon and chicken wangs
And a motel you can lodge at
And plenty clothes for the big money boys to flodge at

Yeah, it's the place to be
Guys gotta pay but girls get in free
So, come on and have a ball
Bring a comb, a toothbrush, and extra draws

And I hate for you to miss it all
So, you better move swift shoot the gif and get your tickets y'all
So, tune your radio in,
'Cause the 69 tickets go to caller number ten